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1 Plastic drying drum dries mop heads easily. Utilizes centrifugal force to dry mop attachments quickly and efficiently. The spinning mop and bucket system includes an agitator that rotates to shake out dirty water to keep your hands clean and dry.

2 The retractable handle and pull bar makes it easy for anyone to mop without bending over. The new large mop bucket with two wheels is very flexible and sturdy, suitable for moving the mop bucket easily during large-scale cleaning.

3 Microfiber bristles reduce scratches on floors without worrying about damaging them, and the mop base rotates 360, making it perfect for hard-to-reach places. The rotating mop bucket is suitable for cleaning all hard floors, such as hardwood, solid wood, laminate, tile, etc.

4 Includes 3 mop heads, flexible for different body sizes and effective in preventing severe back pain. Soft microfiber makes the mop head more absorbent and easier to remove dirt and water stains, machine washable, air dryable and reusable.

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